Row for Fun - Row for Life!

All Heritage and Legacy (Classic and Carbon Fiber) models:

  • Quickly convert from a single to a double rower. 
  • More comfortable and twice as fast as a kayak or a canoe.
  • Easier to learn to scull than a shell.  Most get it with less than an hour.
  • Standard rowing locks and oars available
  • Average around 5 mph with short bursts of 7 mph in the Heritage.  
  • Both the Legacy and the Heritage can be rowed in oceans, bays, rivers and lakes.
  • They track straight and ride over waves effortlessly. 
  • There is plenty of room for two scullers and a passenger (or dog), gear, lunch and a cooler full of drinks. 
  • These boats beg to be taken on long adventures, exploring out of the way places.
  • Heritage models comes in three sizes: 12, 15 and 18 feet long.
  • The Legacy is 5 meters or 15' 6 " foot long  

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All Heritage and Legacy Dory Models 

are available in both

lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber, 

as sailboats, and in

a variety of colors 

​​Rough-Water Sculling Skiffs

The Legacy is a true expedition sculler or rower, at home in the river, bay or ocean. She can be outfitted as a sailboat, as well.

Try it. If you would like to check out the rowing experience, please call Rob Williams 
301-768-8740 or send an email to

Fast and stable, these Dories weigh between 69 and 120 lbs. Car-top or trailer.  Either way, they are easy to launch.

Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber

We are located in Rehoboth Beach, DE! However you can schedule a meeting at many park or boat launches near you. Call to schedule a demo or showing today.      

 The Heritage's traditional, romantic Dory lines are drawn from 19th century watercraft that transported New England fishermen out to sea.  Rowing is one of the best cardio and low-impact exercises there is.  Plus I am not inside busting my gut in the gym.

Breaking away from work and life's problems is as easy as dropping it in the water.