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The Legacy 5m Adventure Craft is a true expedition sailing and rowing Dory. It is certified to race in the Florida Everglades Challenge and as a Raidboat contender.* 

Upcoming Events: 

The Anitque Boat Festival, June 15th to 17th
Chesapeake Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, MD

* ​Participants in endurance Raid-Boat events beach launch their sail- or human-powered boats, race for days, and camp when needed along the way. 

A Heritage Classic 12 with the optional sail package

 All Heritage and Legacy models can be outfitted with the Sail Package, installed at the factory

All models and a variety of colors are available through GottaRow.com

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Heritage Sailing Dories   (available with all Heritage models)

Rowing Sailboats

​Go Anywhere - Lake, Bay, Ocean

​​Legacy 5m Adventure Craft - the newest Sailing/Rowing Dory from Little River Marine