* ​Participants in endurance Raid-Boat events beach launch their sail- or human-powered boats, race for days, and camp when needed along the way. 

A Heritage Classic 12 with the optional sail package

Heritage Sailing Dories   (available with all Heritage models)

​​Legacy 5m Adventure Craft - the newest Sailing/Rowing Dory from Little River Marine

Try out the Legacy, call Rob Williams to make an appointment.

301-768-8750 or by email at 


The Legacy 5m Adventure Craft is a true expedition sailing and rowing Dory. It is certified to race in the Florida Everglades Challenge and as a Raidboat contender.* 

All Heritage Boats can be set up at Little River with the Optional Sailing Package, which includes Marconi Rigged Mast with Battened Sail and Jib, or the new Moon Sail, Lee Boards, the optional Motor Mount, Rudder, and Detachable spoonsons, lines and Buddy Board, extra redundant air bags.

 All Heritage and Legacy models can be outfitted with the Sail Package, installed at the factory

All models and a variety of colors are available through GottaRow.com

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