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Cambridge owner Mark Cox wrote: I love owning my own boat because it allows me the freedom to go when and where I want to go.  I like exploring different places, beyond the limitations imposed by membership in a rowing club. 

Learning the basics of sculling in the Cambridge took me about an hour on the water.  After sculling around the dock for a while I took off and did an 8 mile row.  I found the instructional DVD that came with the boat to be very helpful. My recommendation is that anyone sculling for the first time should watch it several times.  The DVD is geared to sculling in shells but the principles apply to any sliding seat sculling boat.

I have done the Wye Island Regatta twice in the Cambridge and felt completely safe the entire time.  The boat glides over 2 foot waves with ease and no water has ever come into the cockpit area (except for the sweat dripping off me).

I chose the Cambridge because it is wider and more stable than a racing shell and still quite fast.  At this time I don't foresee myself trying out for the Olympics any time soon.  I scull because it is fun and great exercise.  It makes me feel good.

Storing the Cambridge is very easy.  I carry it to the back yard and put it on a rack under the deck.  At less than 40 pounds (carbon fiber), it is light enough for one person to handle.

I often go out sculling by myself and prefer to trade a little speed for the additional stability that a recreational shell provides when the water gets a little rough.


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The most popular, Little River Marine Shells: The Regatta and Cambridge Recreational Shells

Both the Cambridge and Regatta are an open-water recreational shells, meaning its use is not restricted to lakes and calm water. These shells are made for choppy water. They are great boats to launch where there is no boat ramp, and they are easily car-topped, weighing less than 33 lbs. They are made ofcarbon fiber, which is lighter and stronger than fiberglass; and one person can carry it to the water.  

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