The following boats are in stock.

Free delivery, set-up and rowing lesson in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.

(A small trip charge is applied for delivery outside Maryland/Delaware borders.)


xxy​​​​   To see photos, accessories, specifications and prices, click on the model.  

Heritage Classic 18 Double Sculling Skiff  $7,995*

Heritage Classic 18 Single Sculling Skiff $6795*

Heritage Classic 15 Double Sculling Skiff  $7495* 

 (This boat can be sold as a Double rigged as a Single, with just one sculling station for $6495*)

Heritage Classic 15 Single Sculling Skiff  $6295*

Cambridge Open- Water Sculling Shell  $4,795*

*Shipping Cost from Florida has been reduced to $433 on all boats. 

The Heritage 15 and 18 are available to test row, Sculling Lesson included.

Boats can be ordered, shipments arrive every 4 weeks.

​​​To see the boats, contact Rob at 301-768-8740 or



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